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~|XS|`Xtreme Soldiers Clan SOF2 Registration
Welcome to the Clan Online registration ~ | XS | ', Please read the following instructions carefully and at the end of click on "Continue".
*Register using the name of the game as the user name, but before that you should put the following symbols "~ |" XS | '
*Enter an authentic email to be able to contact you at any given time.
*Enter all the requested data correctly and make sure they are authentic.
*Once you have finished your registration, notify the clan administrators about your application.
*Once in forum read the rules of the clan.
*When you are in the Forum, respect the user's content and opinions.
*Use Anticheat AC when you already put the XS tag.
*Upon entering the clan you accept the terms and conditions set forth in the regulation as well as the consequences of breaking the rules.
*Copyright is not allowed.
*Belonging to another clan is forbidden.
*It is obligatory to enter the forum at least twice a week.
*To be Admin on server it is necessary to be active in our server

Continue with Registration
The Union makes the force